The Best Songs of 2019

The problem, I find, with other people’s ‘best songs of the year’ lists is that they, inevitably, get everything wrong. Here, for a change, is a list that gets it right. Songs presented in no particular order.

Mixed Personalities - YNW Melly ft. Kanye West

At the time of writing, Mr. Melly is presently facing the death penalty. This sad fact only slightly bespoils an otherwise charming song about a woman desperately trying to get to safety.

Robbery - Juice WRLD

“This Hennessy strong as fuck,” opines Juice WRLD. How, though? Surely, Hennessy comes at a standardised strength? Is there, out on the shelves, a particularly concentrated Hennessy that Mr. WRLD has purchased by mistake? He must be more careful.

James Blake - Into the Red

There just aren’t enough songs about a woman taking on crippling levels of debt in support of her man. Trust me, I’ve looked! I had been hoping to find enough to make an entire playlist for my wedding.

Red Hearse - Half Love

Long have I held that unmarried persons without children who no longer love each other passionately should break up immediately. I have said as much to many couples at their dinner parties. It was, perhaps, unsurprising that this track resonated with me so.

Stella Donnelly - Tricks

Easily one of 2019 three best songs to mention Kyle and Jackie O by name.

Aldous Harding - The Barrel

Maybe the best music video of the year. Certainly the best hat.

Hwa Sa - TWIT

It’s a bold move, picking a word you can’t pronounce as the title and chorus of your song.

Alex Cameron - Divorce

What a fine thing to say in an argument: “I’ve got friends in Kansas City in a mother fucking futon couch if that’s how you want to play it.”

Rex Orange County - New House

I can’t see myself in a house next year, but I know where he’s coming from.

Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall

Grouse solo.