How to Become Famous on Instagram


Getting really famous on Instagram is Easy

But not everybody knows the secrets of getting instagram famous. Follow these easy steps and you will be a big instagram celebrity in no time at all!

1) Be Sexy

People love following hot, sexy people on Instagram. Be as sexy as possible, and people will want to look at you. This is the most straightforward way of being successful on instagram. Just look as good as this guy and success will be yours!

2) Travel!

Normal people have sad, lonely lives. If you travel lots and put pictures of it on instagram, you will get famous from sad lonely people looking at photos of you travelling. It’s a win-win situation!

Look at this photo of James Donald Forbes McCann in Japan. It has lots of likes—and helped to make him famous—because he was travelling. It helps that he looks sexy while he is travelling. Sexiness + Travel = instagram success!

3) Be Rich

Poor people wish they had lots of money, and are drawn to pictures of people who are rich in the same way that a moth is attracted to one of those purple lights that kills the moth. If you have lots of money, and can show how much money you have by wearing and doing things, you’re one step closer to getting famous from instagram. Being rich could even help you get rich from instagram!

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New headshot by @hookwayay.

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4) That’s about it!

That is, basically, all you need to know to get new followers on instagram. You might even get so many followers for the gram that you get famous from instagram! Follow @jdfmccann on Instagram and watch him carefully. Copy what he does, and that way, you will be instagram famous in no time at all.